Dalai Lama on Universal Responsibilities * 5.18.04 * Vancouver, BC

The Dalai Lama, appearing onstage at BC Place in Vancouver, B.c. on May 18, 2004, delivered a talk on "Universal Responsibilities." He was joined by fellow Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu (his interpreter is on the left). This special transmission from Radio Free Fundi is a recording of his talk from that day, inspired by His Holiness' recent visit to Seattle. Stay tuned to RFF for his "Seeds of Compassion" address from Seattle's Qwest Field in a future episode...

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I attended this address, and later wrote a story for the local weekly newspaper about my experiences with the Dalai Lama in Canada:

"Whatever the specific qualities that attracts people of all faiths to him may be—tolerance, strength, love—thousands gathered at a hockey stadium in Vancouver B.B. on an overcast day shot through with sunbreaks to hear him speak. Outside, the cherry trees were in full bloom as Buddhist monks with shaved heads and saffron robes, skate punks, gaggles of school girls, businessmen, long-bearded rabbis, dreadlocked hippies, priests wearing stiff white collars, Asian émigrés of distant countries, bright-eyed students and suburban families gathered at the Pacific Coliseum by way of car, foot, bus, bike and skateboard."

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