Jazz Gangstaz 3 : 96.9 KMTN Jackson Hole, WY

In a former reincarnation of my current life, I was a DJ on a radio station in Wyoming -- KMTN 96.9 FM in Jackson Hole...

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I started out hosting the saturday morning reggae/world beat show "Planet Soup" and adopted the appropriate moniker Christafari (you can find sets from that show at

I soon inherited the sunday night jazz show too, and occasionally invited my friend Edubious to co-host a few hours with me. Calling ourselves the "Jazz Gangstaz," we took the genre jazz and stretched it beyond recognition to include hip-hop, funk, acid jazz, jamband and other subgenres.

This here is one of my favorite sessions we did, with a broad and inclusive diversity of good music that, in some way or another, speaks one of the many dialects that makes up the language of jazz. It is rough around the edges, having been digitized and podcastulated from a 10-year old audio tape, with hiss and miscues and such all kept intact for historical purposes.

I'll be posting more Gangstaz sets in the future...