The Day the Music Died II: A Tribute to Jerry Garcia

Jerry passed on 15 years ago today. As a way to mark the occasion, I'm posting an old cassette tape, recently digitized, that I recorded from a tribute hosted on KLCC 89.7 FM in Eugene a few days following the tragic news. It is a mix of Dead Air host Downtown Deb and the other DJs reminiscing blended with a fine selection of tunes from Garcia's vast repertoire. Listening to it now brings back that sad week in August 1995, though I think it is important to feel joy for his time here on Earth and the gifts that he gave us and not get bogged down in the feelings of loss.

Happy listening, and keep on truckin'!

Check out another rebroadcast from KLCC
celebrating the legacy of Jerry Garcia here.

To download the MP3 version, option/right-click on the "Listen Now" icon.