Saturday Morning with DJ Christafari : KMTN 96.9

Just for fun, here's another recording from way back when I was the Saturday morning DJ for KMTN 96.9 FM in Jackson Hole, and had the special job of coaxing the town awake and out in to the day -- whether that meant using my music to get people out of bed and to the slopes or to their jobs, proper song selection and pacing was essential. I always loved the notion that I was spinning the soundtrack for thousands of people as they began another day in the Hole. I also had to handle the morning snow and weather reports, lost dog announcements, a 1-hour world beat show and an on-air garage sale-type-thing called Trash & Treasure.

The region reached by these radio waves is home to ski bums, cowboys, billionaires, spud farmers and movie stars. DJ'ing to the local musical tastes required reaching a careful blend of bluegrass, reggae, funk, folk, classic rock, jam band and other genres that don't typically sit next to each other. This episode shows me attempting to find the balance with the Allman Brothers, Allison Krauss, Blue Traveler, Morphine, Ani Difranco and Bob Marley. One other note -- I tried to talk and play commercials as little as possible, especially in the early hours, and tried to spin as many consecutive songs as I could.

This set appears to be from the springtime shortly before I moved on to other work -- I could take working
every Saturday morning at 5 am for only so long-- and some of the song selections are now cringe-worthy to my ears, but still, it serves as a fun time capsule recording from my stint as a small town disk jockey in Wyoming in 1998.

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