Widespread Panic * Grand Targhee, Alta, WY * 7/1/11 Highlights

I just got back from a road trip to Wyoming, where I spent 2 weeks visiting Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Park and got to catch 3 epic nights of WSP at Grand Targhee. It was a long 4th of July weekend full of sunshine, snow, camping, friends, starry nights and soaring, heartful jams.

I plan on releasing
several podcasts over the next couple of weeks featuring highlights from the Targhee run. This first podcast in the series condensing the first night on July 1, 2011 to my favorite songs and jams of the night. I know, I know -- for some people, editing down a full show to highlights is nearly sacrilege. For those listeners, the full shows are available for purchase at or

Setlist: Ain’t Life Grand > Who Do You Belong To? * LDGTB * Use Me * You Should Be Glad * Ain't No Use > Drumz > Ride Me High > Pilgrims * Chainsaw City * E: City of Dreams

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Band photos by Andy Tennile.

My partner and I financed the whole trip by selling 100 t-shirts specific to the shows:

Enjoy goodpeople!