Widespread Panic * Highlights from the 25th Anniversary shows 2011

Here is the promised second podcast featuring highlights of the recent Widespread Panic 25th anniversary shows at the Classic Center in Atlanta, GA. This episode hones in on the most unforgettable jams of February 11, 2011. You can listen to and download February 10 highlights here. And if this sampler isn’t enough to satiate your appetite, go forth and purchase both shows in their glorious entirety at

Track listing: Barstools & Dreamers, Knights in White Satin (The Moody Blues), Blue Indian, New Speedway Boogie (Grateful Dead), Fishwater, Conrad the Caterpillar, Don’t Be Denied (Neil Young), Postcard, Driving Song, Porch Song.

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Here’s a review of the 2/11/11 show from Honest Tune: The Southern Journal of Jam:

FEBRUARY 11, 2011
Night two of the Classic Center would be no exception.  A cover of the Guess Who's "No Sugar Tonight" kicked things off and hinted to the crowd that there was plenty more heat to follow.  A fairly standard "Tall Boy" came next which served as a terrific lead into the ever funky Funkadelic cover of "Red Hot Mama" and "Machine" > "Barstools." Even with all of this greatness, the set had yet to peak.

At least that was the case until another bust out cover, "Nights in White Satin," came to fruition. This original Moody Blues tune had not been played in 2,422 shows, or since 10/9/87, whichever is easier to grasp.  The bluesy rendition was filled with the raspy vocals of Bell repeating, "Oh, how I love you" as though he was paying tribute to the attentive, fun loving, and long enduring crowd. 

After the colossal set, the band still had more to give.  Set two brought about some profoundly heavy songs, including "Worry," "Imitation Leather Shoes," "Blight," "You Got Yours," and "Impossible." In the middle of all this, there was still room for another bust out that again paid tribute to the band that started it all, the Grateful Dead, and a cover that had not seen the light of day since 1989, "New Speedway Boogie."  

With the particularly telling line, "I don't know but I've been told it's hard to run with the weight of gold, on the other hand I've heard it said it's just as hard with the weight of lead," it was as though Widespread was summing up their career and moreover life itself. Life is a struggle whether one is with money or without. It is all about the journey and enjoying the good times along the way. 

The show would close with a seldom-seen double encore consisting of Neil Young's "Don't Be Denied" followed by "Postcard," "Driving Song > "Breathing Slow" and the traditional "Porch Song." It was a classy way of finishing up what will certainly be looked upon as an epic run in the Classic City.

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