Iron & Wine on Daytrotter Winter 2011

Sam Beam performs songs from the new Iron & Wine album “Kiss Each Other Clean” at Daytrotter, January 2011.

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BlindWineTrapper : freak folk on stage

This is a 2 hour mix of my favorite recent NPR "All Songs Considered" live concert podcasts. It features Blind Pilot, Iron & Wine, Blitzen Trapper, Feist, Bon Iver and The Decemberists. All but the Iron & Wine concert, which is from 2005, are recent concerts from the past few months. I love the freak folk renaissance of acoustic-based music with lots of moodiness, wit and beauty, and these bands are just about the best in that genre. Enjoy!

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Iron & Wine * Newport Folk Festival 2009

While Iron and Wine has evolved from its bedroom beginnings to full ensemble status, the warmth of Sam Beam's songs remain. (That is, if by warmth you mean bleak heartbreak, dark realizations and uncomfortable vulnerability.) Iron and Wine continues to wring inventive sounds and compelling emotions out of the American folk-music form, as it demonstrated at Folk Festival 50 on Saturday.

Iron and Wine's latest collection, Around the Well, compiles two discs' worth of B-sides, soundtrack and compilation tracks and previously unreleased goodies. Even though Beam's debut album, The Creek Drank the Cradle, was released only seven years ago, the new album is a reminder of just how far Iron and Wine has come. It's easy to hear the progression from self-recorded four-track folk to full-blown rock, especially in the unexpected likes of the Middle Eastern-inspired "Arms of a Thief."

Set List
"Such Great Heights"
"Woman King"
"Resurrection Fern"
"Sodom, South Georgia"
"Godless Brother in Love"
"Upward Over the Mountain"
"Naked as We Came"
"Peace Beneath the City"
"Love Songs and Some Verses"
"He Lays in the Reins"
"The Trapeze Swinger"
"Glad Mouth River"
"Flightless Bird, American Mouth"
"Sunset Soon Forgotten"

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Audio & text courtesy of NPR "All Songs Considered"

Iron & Wine * 11.4.07 * Bellingham

A fine recording of Iron & Wine, fronted by Sam Beam and his sister Sarah, at the Mount Baker Theater in Bellingham, Washington on the cold, drizzly, dark night of November 4, 2007.

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