Winter Circle : contemplative music for the dark night


Winter Circle //
Julianna Barwick "Flown" > Balmorea "Winter Circle + Herons" + Brian Eno "Music for Airports 3" > Jon Hassell "Time and Place" > Yungchen Lhamo "Dream" > Tsuki "Shell" > Yo-Yo Ma "Seven Tunes Heard in China: Seasons" > Tsuki "Moscar" + Trio Mediaeval "Beata viscera" + Bill Frisell "Fingers Pickin'" > Valentin Sipp "Tableau II + Pendule" + "woodpeckers and loons at Ferd's Bog" > Darkside "Golden Arrow" > Holden "A Circle Inside A Circle Inside" > Wingless Angles "Love Love Love" > Julianna Barwick "Labyrinthine" \\ Art by Luminokaya

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