Frozen Fog: Purple Moomindub Vol. 1


a frozen fog descends over the Purple Soundsystem on the fringes of the Salish Sea……..into the haze, DUBSTYLE!

Quiet Village "A Trader in Furs" (remix)
Scuba "Tracers" + Mulatu Astaqe "Gubelye " + Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer "Reannounce"
Nichola Jaar "With Just One Glance > John the Revelator"
Lee "Scratch" Perry "Dub Organizer"
LKJ "Commad Counsel Dub"
Mad Professor "Dub So Hard"
Black Uhuru "Party Next Door"
Ossie All Stars "Ready Dub"
Gregory Issacs "Rumors"
Aswad "Ways of the Lord"
Pantha Du Prince "Particle" + Hunter S Thompson reading the Book of Revelations
The xx "Sunset" (Jamie xx remix)
Fela "No Agreement / Shuffering and Smiling"
Paul Horn + Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer "Reemergence"
Nosaj Thing "Home" medley + Paul Horn + burning embers underwater
Emancipator "Eve II"
Built To Spill "Heart"

Spoken word: Hunter S Thompson '77 Boulder, CO.

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Spring Buds 2: Bodhisattva Vow

"I give thanks for this world as a place to learn
and for this human body that I'm glad to have earned
and my deepest thanks to all sentient beings
for without them there would be no place to learn what I'm seeing.”

--"Bodhisattva Vow,” MCA

Spring Buds 2 offers a meandering musical journey through new muzikz we've acquired over the past few weeks: freshness, green growth, sprouts, spring buds. Smoke em if you got em! (Spring Buds 1 from 2007 is available here.)


This mix features new tracks from Floratone (Bill Frisell & Matt Chamberlain) * Father John Misty * Jimmy Cliff * Dub Is a Weapon * Rusko * Quantic * Santigold * The Shins * The Black Keys * Andrew Bird * Amadou & Mariam * The Decemberists * Bonnie Raitt with Bill Frisell & Greg Leisz * Alabama Shakes * Beach House * Josh Ritter * Beastie Boys * Damian Jurado * An-ten-ae * Horsefeathers * M. Ward * Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros //

I didn’t make this musical mix specifically for anybody or any particular reason, but in the last few weeks of putting the final touches on it, a number of very special people passed on to the Great Gig in the Sky:
MCA of the Beastie Boys, Doc Watson and then, just yesterday, two artist-musician-circus performers that were friends of friends. Drew Keriakedes (aka "Shmootzi the Clod”) and Joseph Albanese (aka “Meshuguna Joe”) were gunned down in a coffee shop in Seattle in an act of horrific and senseless violence. They were bright lights in the rainy city, and their warmth, generosity, freedom and love touched many, many people. Though I never met them, they meant a lot to some close friends who are now grieving, and I can feel the heartbreaking loss to the close-kn it community. I decided to dedicate this mix -- which offers a few appropriate songs, including the Beasties “Bodhisattva Vow” and M. Ward’s “Pure Joy” -- to the memory of the light of all four performers….

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Evolutionary Psychejuju

This here podcast is a special rebroadcast from our sister site,
Destination Burning Man. I'm reposting it because I know that Podcast Cafe listeners will enjoy these spicy sounds. Here's the original description of what is going on here:

40-some days until the 2009 Burn, y'all. Hhere's a mix from Radio DBM that is full of serious world-beat psychejuju to keep your preparations for the playa moving along on the good foot.

I was meditating on evolution while spinning out this set, particularly how species develop at different paces in different places around the planet. I love how one bird species, for example, will look and behave totally different from continent to continent, morphing form and behavior to match the physical ecosystem. But I also appreciate how all of life shares a common foundation, animated by the mysterious cosmic spark.

How does any of this apply to "Evolutionary Psychejuju"? Music is both universal as well as totally local. It begins with the heartbeat, and evolves in to a groove, a language every human can understand. I love how indigenous music is fitted to a particular place -- how the heat and aridity of Mali, the rhythm of the waves in Jamaica, the humid fecundity of Columbia have each inspired their own musical traditions. And I also love the ways in which some artists combine and blend those traditions in new and surprising ways. Musical evolution on a global scale. That's some of the thinking going on behind the scenes here at Radio dBM in the production of this here mix.

xo, DJ Playaduster

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Summer Solstice II : Last Heron Home to Roost

This episode features a wide array of music from just about all of my favorite genres -- hip-hop, reggae, electronica, jazz, alt-folk, Grateful, ambient, funk, weird noises -- and is like a transcription of my favorite toonz this springtime. It is a sibling mix to earlier efforts including
Spring Buds, Fall Equinox and Summer Solstice I, and a cousin to 080808. This episdode does two things: collects and presents some of my freshest harvesting of tracks -- new songs, old songs newly discovered -- alongside a random smattering of other tracks not new in anyway but riding high on my "favorites" playlist. A finely-tuned assortment of grooves, ballads and jams that fill my earholes as of late.

Is there deeper meaning within the seemingly randomness of it, like the procession of Bill Frisell into Sonic Youth into the Supremes? That is, I suppose , a question for the listener to decipher on his or her own time. Or you could just kick back and enjoy the ride....

And listening to the Dead -- the 2009 versions sans Garcia -- play my all-time favorite Grateful Dead song "Brokedown Palace" live at Madison Square Garden brings me a sweet, sweet pleasure. What I hear when I listen is the
crowd playing the band: "In a bed, in a bed / by the waterside I will lay my head / Listen to the river sing sweet songs / to rock my soul" and "Mama, mama, many worlds I've gone since I first left home" sing to my heart. An upwelling of voices, with Jerry watching over us.

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