Your Love is Safe with Me : Bon Iver Mix


It's been six months since our last new episode was posted….here's something we've been tinkering with off and on that is finally ready to be set free: a tribute mix to the one and only Bon Iver -- featuring songs from his two albums, live tracks, b-sides, covers and obscures songs from compilations. We are HUGE fans of the music of Justin Vernon and this episode — our 94th!! — features all kinds of rarities and hidden gems. Enjoy, friends.

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Track list // Holocene / For Emma / Blood Bank / Calgary / Flume / Perth / Skinny Love / Roslyn (with St. Vincent) / Towers / Blindsided / Michicant / The Park / Hinnom, TX / Creature Fear / Wash. / Fall Creek Boys Choir / I Can't Make You Love Me > Nick of Time/ re: Stacks
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