Pisces Moon Pilgrimage

purple moon
Pisces Moon Pilgrimage : Mixed by DJ Fundi
Winter Solstice 2015 > Spring Equinox 2016

Here's a mysterious mix that has been lingering in the shadows of the Fundi Vault that was conceived nearly a year ago. As daylight savings ends and we move in to the darkness of winter, it seems a good time to share this moody, contemplative journey with you.

This is one of those "free-range, open road journeys" where we didn't have a theme or agenda in mind but merely wanted to explore our archives and get lost in the moment of the musics. We dropped the opening convocation from Hundred Waters and let it flow from there.... the journey begins with interwoven Himalayan themes before sliding in to a stunning recent Radiohead track (their
rejected (!?!?) theme song for the James Bond movie Spectre) and a haunting prayer from Seattle's Pepper Proud. Nostalgia led us to play some Galactic, Charlie Hunter and MM&W gems, then an unexpected pivot towards south-of-the-border funk. Wondering how to bring this eclectic journey to conclusion, DJ Fundi received a message to play a gentle piece by composer Gabriel Yared from the film Cold Mountain. Huh?? Where did that come from? But, it fit right in and wrapped things up (before passing the baton off to Damien Jurado for the coda).

So, there you have it ~ some liner notes to one of our more unusual mixes in a while. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea, headphones or nice speakers, a puff and some quiet time to sink in to the vibes from beginning to end... let us know where it takes you:

episode 110 // A Hundred Waters "Show Me Love" > DJ Cheb i Sabbah "Kese Kese"/ The Beatles "Within You Without You" / Junun "Kalandar" / Radiohead "Spectre" / Pepper Proud "Reflection" / Xavier Rudd "Bow Down" / The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Return to Dismal Swamp" (feat. Jerry Douglas, Glen Duncan, Ronnie McCoury & Tony Rice] / Beats Antique "New Speedway Boogie" / Galactic "O Coco Da Galinha" / Charlie Hunter "Dersu (Slight Return)" / Medeski Martin & Wood "Midnight Poppies > The Dropper" / MC Yogi "Truth Seeker" / Lulacruza "Pensar Bonita" / Novalima "Ay Bembe" / The Polish Ambassador "Sondo del Sol" / Rising Appalachia "Zavedi Me Lalino" / Gabriel Yared "Ada Plays" / Damien Jurado "Maraqopa" / Charlie Hunter outro…… ~

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