Yes We Can : Obama Hopecast : Part 1

part one of a two-part series

left speechless & shaking with an intense, spiritual joy after the 2008 presidential election, i was so happy for myself, for my country and for the whole entire world that i came to a rare loss for words.

this "hopecast" is my best attempt to describe and share some portion of the mix of emotions the election of Barack Obama has inspired in me. it is especially inspired by looking backwards, because you can't know where you're going unless you know where you've come from.

bob marley, curtis mayfield, marvin gaye, ludacris, nas, lee "scratch" perry, maceo parker, the blind boys of alabama, george clinton, fela, prince, public enemy and assorted hymns, field hollers and cameos from MLK and Dubya people this tribute. it also features excerpts of Obama's most memorable oratory as he made the transitions from junior senator to presidential candidate to president-elect -- an audio record of history in the making, set to a fitting groove.

Part one takes the listener from Obama as junior senator from Illinois on to the campaign trail and up to the Democratic Convention when he became the Democratic nominee. I'll release part two on Inauguration Day and it will finish up the story with his acceptance speech in Chicago.

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