Like a Road : Garcia on Stage 3

Jerry Garcia was born on August 1 and passed away 53 years later on August 9. The Podcast Cafe has been celebrating his vast musical legacy these past few weeks with the release of several Jerry-lovin' podcasts: High Time: Garcia on Stage 1, Lazy River Road: Garcia in the Studio, Dark Star : Garcia on Stage 2 and now this, the third mix of our very favorite live Jerry jams. Such sweet kindness!

We'd also like to remind our listeners that we've posted other Jerry-related offerings in years past that you can still access, including some archival recordings of a call-in radio show on KLCC:

I was living in Bend, Oregon at the time, and was awoken out of bed with the bad news. After contacting beloved friends with whom I had shared many a Dead show, I tuned the stereo to KLCC 89.7 FM, the Dead-friendly college radio station broadcasting from Eugene. They were playing nothing but Jerry's music, and we listened through the day. For some reason, I dropped a cassette tape in and hit record. This podcast is drawn from that dusty old tape, recently found in the archives deep in the garage and brought in to the 21st century by way of modern technology.

Acess part one here and part two here.

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Days Between
Ship of Fools
Eyes of the World
Big Railroad Blues
To Lay Me Down
West L.A. Fadeaway
Like a Road

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