Spring Buds

Freshness is the theme tonight, as the gardens surrounding the Podcast Cafe are bursting into green, all transulcent and juicy, and spring buds abound...

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All of the songs put forward in this episode are new ingredients to the kitchen, and we thought it'd be a good idea to survey the good sounds of recent days.

I think of it as an organic spicy greens salad mix -- little bit of this and that, crisp textures, lots of flavor -- thanks to Stanton Moore, Laura Veirs, Modest Mouse, Lucinda Williams, Medeski & Martin, Tom Waits, E.S.T., Neil Young and the Tin Hat Trio.

Keeping it simple around here this time of year, so no overdubs or double-reverse-masking or echo distortion chambers. Pretty clean mix over all, back to basics nourishment. Hope you enjoy and find sumthin' new here!