Daze of the Dead set two

DJ Fundi's Part 2 mix of highlights from the recent "Day of the Dead" compilation

episode 109 // Real Estate "Here Comes Sunshine" / Tal National "Eyes of the World" / Luluc with Xylouris White "Till the Morning Comes" / Jim James "Candyman" / Tunde Adebimpe, Lee Ranaldo & Friends "Playin in the Band" / Local Natives "Stella Blue" / Orchestra Baobab "Clementine Jam" / / Flaming Lips "Dark Star" / s t a r g a z e "What's Become of the Baby" / Bill Callahan "Easy Wind" / Mina Tindle & Friends "Rosemary" / The National "Morning Dew" / The National + Bob Weir "GDTRFB" / Richard Reed Parry with Caroline Shaw & Little Scream (feat. Garth Hudson) "Brokedown Palace

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