Roots Blend: N'Awlinz & Beyond


For our 81st episode, we're going on a road trip to New Orleans. Down in the Crescent City, we'll take in some of the music finest purveyors of cajun funk, swamp blues and street jazz. "Roots Blend" explores a wide variety of down-home music from NOLA and beyond, starting with the propulsive get-down music of Galactic and touching on related moods found in hip-hop, James Brown-inspired grooves, jazzy funk and funky jazz, from new to old and in-between.

Artists featured include Galactic * De La Soul * Quantic & Mr. Scruff * Brothers Johnson * Dr. John * Fred Wesley & the Horny Horns * Wynton Marsalis * Taj Mahal * Dirty Dozen Brass Band * The Roots * Bill Withers * Garage a Trois * Stevie Wonder * Jimmy McGriff * Spoon * Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood * Gary Clark Jr. and John Lennon!


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Local Drizzle : Jazzscapes

simple concept tonight at the Podcast Cafe: jazz. That's what we're serving up neat tonight here in Sunnyland...

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