Evolutionary Psychejuju

This here podcast is a special rebroadcast from our sister site,
Destination Burning Man. I'm reposting it because I know that Podcast Cafe listeners will enjoy these spicy sounds. Here's the original description of what is going on here:

40-some days until the 2009 Burn, y'all. Hhere's a mix from Radio DBM that is full of serious world-beat psychejuju to keep your preparations for the playa moving along on the good foot.

I was meditating on evolution while spinning out this set, particularly how species develop at different paces in different places around the planet. I love how one bird species, for example, will look and behave totally different from continent to continent, morphing form and behavior to match the physical ecosystem. But I also appreciate how all of life shares a common foundation, animated by the mysterious cosmic spark.

How does any of this apply to "Evolutionary Psychejuju"? Music is both universal as well as totally local. It begins with the heartbeat, and evolves in to a groove, a language every human can understand. I love how indigenous music is fitted to a particular place -- how the heat and aridity of Mali, the rhythm of the waves in Jamaica, the humid fecundity of Columbia have each inspired their own musical traditions. And I also love the ways in which some artists combine and blend those traditions in new and surprising ways. Musical evolution on a global scale. That's some of the thinking going on behind the scenes here at Radio dBM in the production of this here mix.

xo, DJ Playaduster

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Kalimba Chai : Little Prayers

I made this here mix with the idea of exploring sacred music from Africa, the Middle East and India. I tried to keep a sublime, introspective vibe pulsing through this diverse array of selections, which include field recordings from villages on the Nile River, traditional music from Iran, Armenian chanting, drum circles, world beat fusion from Pakistan and Ethiopia and a survey of Malian masters like Bouboucar Traore, Oumou Sangare and Toumani Diabate. The journey begins and ends with hypnotic sounds made on the kalimba, or "thumb piano," opening with a track from Samite and closing with Bobby McFerrin.

I hope this swirling mix of continent-spanning music from the soul inspires your own internal journeys.
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A Lament for Tibet


DJ Fundi's new mix, episode #31 here at the Podcast Cafe, is inspired by the Dalai Lama -- the Ocean of Wisdom, Holder of the White Lotus, protector of the Land of Snows and an incarnation of Avalokitesvara, Buddha of Compassion. It is a Lament for Tibet, and is dedicated to the merit of all Tibetans who are enslaved in their own homeland.

I made this mix during the Dalai Lama's recent visit to the Pacific Northwest, a time that coincided with the worst violence in Tibet in decades. I was feeling both inspired and joyous at His Holiness' close proximity to Sunnyland Studio as well as burdened, angry and helpless as the Chinese government was arresting, torturing and murdering Tibetans in their villages and monastaries. I think this musical mix reflects the yin and yang of these two emotional poles.

Much of the music comes from the Himalayan region, and includes chanting rituals from Tibetan monks, traditional Nepalese songs, long-form Indian ragas and Chinese folk music. There is also music that I felt had an affinity to the prayer I am making with the mix, music that I was often surprised to hear how natural it blended with the unusual Himalayan vibe: a Celtic singer singing what sounds like a lament, ambient tracks from Tortoise, Cylob and Plasmalamp, medieval European choir songs and Toumani Diabate from Mali playing the kora.

Mickey Hart, DJ Cheb i Sabbah and Wayne Shorter also make appearances in this pilgrimage across the spine of Asia.

I have posted podcasts of the Dalai Lama's talks in the Northwest at I wrote a story about the Dalai Lama's visit to Seattle for the Cascadia Weekly newspaper; it also discusses author Pico Iyer's new biopgraphy The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. You can view and/or download a pdf of the story right over here. Another story I wrote about the Dalai Lama's 2004 visit to Vancouver B.C. is available here.

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