WSP Best of Broomfield ~ Coloween 2016 ~ Pt. 2

wsp broom

Episode #113: Highlights of the Halloween show from Widespread Panic's epic run in Broomfield, Colorado 10/30/2016 ~
WSMFP!! We are the good people, the ones your mama warned you about....

wsp broom2

Waitin' for the Bus > Jesus Just Left Chicago (ZZ Top) / Happy / Goodpeople / Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) / Slippin into Darkness (War) / Machine > Barstools Made for Dreamers / Vampire Blues (Neil Young) / Chilly Water > drumz > Guilded Splinters (Dr. John) > Bust it Big > Chilly reprise / Lithium (Nirvana) / Soul Kitchen (The Doors) > Paranoid (Black Sabbath) / Postcard > End of the Show (Bloodkin)

Flying out to the Halloween run of shows from Seattle > Denver,
I ran in to none other than JB at the Denver airport!

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