Blame it on the Boogie : A Tribute to Michael Jackson (Part 3)

The first two sets have been downloaded over 500 times each in the short period of time they've been put out on the internets, which makes me very happy. I envision Michael Jackson dance parties happening around the planet to the soundtrack of joyful music I've weaved together here. I appreciate the positive feedback I've heard from many listeners in diverse corners and hope that those who appreciate these mixes will share them widely with friends.

Michael Jackson's story is a very complicated, weird, mysterious and, ultimately, tragic. Some think his troubles originate in his childhood at the hands of his father, other argue that he brought it all on to himself. "Blame it on the Boogie" sidesteps all of these debates and instead focuses on the unmatched legacy of Michael Jackson's music -- his original blending of Motown, disco, r&b, funk and soul, spiced up with a huge amount of confident showmanship. MJ was a musical genius who created a huge body of uplifting, emotionally moving, booty-rocking music, and I hope this tribute trilogy helps remind listeners of how, beneath all the controversy, MJ was an extremely and sensitive gifted artist.

This is the third and final installment in the unexpected Michael Jackson tribute trilogy, "Blame it on the Boogie." Parts 1 and 2 are posted at I first thought it would take only one session to spin out my favorite MJ tracks in memorial of his surprising passing, but the first set started to get longy before I even in to "Bad," and so got split in to two sets.

But then, in cyberspace explorations for MJ music, I kept finding amazing material to work with: early Jackson 5 basement jam sessions, dance floor remixes, rough demos, alternate takes, etc., and my appreciation for his output over his nearly 50 years as a performer grew -- at the end of the second set, I still had all kinds of oddities and gems to share, like a reggae remix of "Ben," the lost "Thriller"-era track "Cheater" and "Off the Wall" B-sides. I also had yet to include "We Are the World" or "Man in the Mirror," which I felt like were essential pieces of this puzzle (I tried to keep them interesting by using a rough demo and live version). So, needless to say, a third set was spun and is being released to the people approximately two weeks after this whole tribute series was initially started.

Unlike the first two, this session is not chronological, but instead bounces around the different versions of MJ according to feel instead of timeline. To me, it feels a bit less cohesive than the story I've told of his musical evolution in the first two sets, but still has plenty to tell and is not to be missed.

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