Egg Radio : Bill Frisell, reconstructed

A few years back, back before the dawn of digital music technologies, DJ Fundi threw together a loose mix of Bill Frisell's music and burned it painstakingly to a CD, something he called "The Bill Frisell Mixdown".

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Andy, aka the NOBLE Tea Troll, loved it. Dancing Dog loved it. The Marce loved it. I loved it. That was enough to call it an aural success story.

But here, in the dawn of 2007, times are different. Strange even, and intense. Correspondingly, this episode of the Podcast Cafe ain't your mama's Frisell. No, ma'am. In this postmodern sound reconstruction, DJ Fundi rifles through the major works of Bill Frisell's catalog since 1995 or so -- and a prodigious catalog it is -- and susses his way through a dozen studio albums, 2 ilicit live recordings, a download-only release and a few mystery tracks.

Fundi surprises even hisself with this continuous sound blend, intoxicated with the many moods of Frisell's emotive guitar playing. Deep in the bowels of the mix, Fundi came upon the vision of Frisell's creations as paintings, and he saw his mix efforts as a sonic collage of bits and pieces of Frisell's artwork.

Listen then, preferably with headphones on yer head, to the exquisite expressions of a masterly painter who swirls sounds and colors with his trusty 5-string, and float away on the nearly-cinematic musical journey prepared special for you by the good folks down at Podcast Cafe. Many realms lie ahead.

Bill Frisell photos by moontroll