Best Albums of the Decade

NPR's music team has posted a provocative list of their "50 Most Important Albums of the 2000s", with different critics of diferent genres weighing in, hence the rock albums alongside classical alongside jazz (reviews and samples from the albums are found here). Note that these picks aren't the BEST of the 2000s, but instead representative of some important trend or defining moment in music over the past decade. I am very happy to see several non-obvious choices on their list by artists that have inspired, challenged and sustained me over the past decade: Burial, Bon Iver, The Bad Plus, Iron & Wine, Yo-Yo Ma. Radiohead is the only band with two albums on the list -- can you guess which two?

Carey Brownstein's Monitor Mix blog at NPR has
a lot of thoughtful essays, quizzes, timelines and whatnot about the past 10 years of music too.

I'm also enjoying studying the lists of
"The Top 200 Albums of the 2000s" over at Pitchfork -- I always get a bunch of new musical leads to track down reading their various staff lists of this and that. They also rate the worst album covers and best musical videos of 2009.