The Cave Singers

The Cave Singers released their 3rd album this week, No Witch, on Bon Iver’s independent Jagjaguar label. It follows in the footsteps of their previous releases, further honing their rootsy folk-Americana sound, but with more variety in their delivery (touches of a harmonium, viola, gospel singers, etc) and a deeper, richer sound coaxed out of the studio. All three of their albums form a cohesive vibe that alternates between sunny & optimistic and spooky & droning -- a vibe I better grasped after seeing them perform their songs live on stage in Bellingham, Washington last fall. I was most impressed by the amount of gravitas and a sense of restrained, almost throttled, power that seethed from the singer’s delivery. Their music gave the sense of something desperate or unbalanced lurking just beneath the simple surfaces of their songs.

Here is a video I shot and edited from their performance:

And here is a sampler mix of five songs from
No Witch to whet your appetite: