I think it might be impossible to not like, love even, the tune "Lisztomania" by Phoenix -- easily the best pop tune of 2009, up there with Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." Here is the studio version, and here is a short acoustic version just for good measure. Even more importantly, this song has reached a critical mass of cultural saturation and is now being taught to our children in school. Seriously, this rendition is just plain AWESOME:


Summertime bounty & a brief respite for DJ Fundi

Hello friends of the Podcast Cafe -- DJ Fundi here, and I've just uploaded a ton of new music to all three of the DJ Fundi's Podcasting Network outlets -- the main Podcast Cafe channel, the Live Archive and Radio Free Fundi -- six new episodes in all. That should be plenty for you to chew on for some time to come, not to mention all of the archives of past episodes, including the recent 3-part Michael Jackson Tribute.

I'm going to take a break for a few months from working at the Podcast Cafe. I need to put my energy towards some other pursuits that sometimes get neglected in my frenzy of music mixing and distribution. My other website is demanding lots of attention right now as I prepare for my third Burn at the end of August with a group of stellar friends -- the dBM blog and the Radio dBM feed in particular are active and funky-fresh. I also have writing projects and travel plans that will keep me pretty busy through the fall. I will probably post a new episode here and there on the main channel as I have a few more already in the can, including Part 2 of the Purple Reign series.

I want to thank those listener-subscribers who donated money to the Podcast Cafe over the past couple of months, including Miguel B., Edubious, Jodie_sweetfire, LizardSnyder, CheesyChez and the Mountain Sufi, and to Noble Andy for the shipment of fine oolong tea from Taiwan. Their support helps keep this free service on the air and lets me know that folks appreciate the hours and hours of labor that goes in to keeping it alive. There's a PayPal link in the sidebar to the right if you too want to pitch in to show some love for DJ Fundi's efforts.

Here are a couple of amazing videos to leave you with -- enjoy the rest of summer and keep on rockin' in the free world!
xo, DJ Fundi

Just Colour from Jesper Kirkeby Brevik on Vimeo.

The Falcon from The Shamptonian Institute on Vimeo.



I’m was at a BBQ yesterday for a friend’s birthday. Suffice to say I had a few drunken conversations, the one I remember was about karma. I realized that there was this huge disconnect between some of oldest friends and a very small band of merry burners (all of whom don’t know it).
Anyway I woke up this morning, checked out of my friends place and got on the Docklands Light Railway back to Stratford, East London. This is a cool little above ground train that runs really slowly through the docks, the business districts and finally the post industrial heartland of London’s eastend.
I’ve had your Destination Burning Man Trilogy  on my pod for a while but just haven’t been at the time and place. But trust me this was perfect. I put on Reintegration, as this train wound through equally beautiful business and residential districts. Most are deprived but on this sunny Sunday morning everything took on a new light. Particularly with the perfectly judged, wonderfully paced mix that you’ve created. I could go on about how I loved your choice of tracks (which I did) but that would be missing the main point. I got back from SF to London in Feb and I thought I had that playa feeling all the time. Yeah I was receptive but damn your mix has brought it all back. Not reintegration into the world but reintegration back into the fold. Back to feeling the power of potential. Good shit, my friend. Good shit. Keep it up.
Our camp this year is going that bit larger. Finally a theme camp. We’ll have a DJ rig with some decent soundpressure. It’d be a total pleasure if you could drop by, spin or just hang out.
Wanobi of Ohmland
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Thom Yorke & David Byrne

It seemed like a crazy idea. When Radiohead said it would release its new album, In Rainbows, as a pay-what-you-will digital download, you'd have thought the band had gone communist. After all, Thom Yorke and company are one of the world's most successful groups — a critical darling as well as a fan favorite for nearly 15 years. They hadn't put out a new album in more than four years, and the market was hungry for their next disc. So why would Radiohead conduct such a radical experiment?

It turns out the gambit was a savvy business move. In the first month, about a million fans downloaded
In Rainbows. Roughly 40 percent of them paid for it, according to comScore, at an average of $6 each, netting the band nearly $3 million. Plus, since it owns the master recording (a first for the band), Radiohead was also able to license the album for a record label to distribute the old-fashioned way — on CD. In the US, it goes on sale January 1 through TBD Records/ATO Records Group.

While pay-what-you-will worked for Radiohead, though, it's hard to imagine the model paying off for Miley Cyrus — aka chart-topping teenybopper Hannah Montana. Cyrus' label, Walt Disney Records, will stick to selling CDs in Wal-Mart, thank you very much. But the truth is that Radiohead didn't intend
In Rainbows to start a revolution. The experiment simply proves there is plenty of room for innovation in the music business — this is just one of many new paths. Wired asked David Byrne — a legendary innovator himself and the man who wrote the Talking Heads song "Radio Head" from which the group takes its name — to talk with Yorke about the In Rainbows distribution strategy and what others can learn from the experience.Keep Reading...