MicroMoog Laboratories Worldwide

With much fanfare and revelry, MicroMoog Laboratories of Portland, Oregon celebrated their global digital debut with the release of an archival mixtape, digitized here at the Podcast Cafe and distributed on the Radio Free Fundi network

Here's what Head Moog DJ D. Frewing had to say about this milestone event:

Oh man the memories of making that tape are coming back as I listen to it.  I lived in a little apartment and had a $99 2 channel mixer and an old turntable of my Grandpa Lyle's.  The record came from the school library where I had my first school job in Hillsboro and they were throwing away filmstrip kits.  I would spend my lunch hour taking apart the boxes for the librarian to get the filmstrips and records.  It was a freaking treasure trove. The beats on that first song are from an old Simon Harris breakbeat CD.  All on the fly - this might be the first time I tried to scratch a record.  I wonder what year that was...

MicroMoog 20 year anniversary!  No shit.

Stream the mix
right here and enjoy an easy blend of jazz-funk and funk-jazz, accentuated by interludes featuring the aforementioned beats and homescratchin'. To subscribe to the Radio Free Fundi channel, add the following RSS feed in to iTunes (click Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast) or the podcast aggregator of your choice:

(I originally posted the incorrect feed -- this one should work!)

Enjoy, and leave a comment if you likes it!
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