internationally renowned boaster's favorites of 2011

The clerks at the house of irb have been steadily working through the submission for 2011's best of list. These efforts have been more difficult than in past years and as a result we have had to call in additional resources to handle the influx of goodness. Further, a mis-delivered pallet of Galo boxed wine has resulted in a significant drop in productivity. That coupled with our office manager disappearing for 3 days has left us screeching in at the last moment with our official list. In no particular order except for the first 3.....

Portugal, the man: In the Mountain, In the Cloud. If this was the only new album for 2011 I would have called it a great year. This year's Miike Snow + MGMT.

Tegan and Sara: Get Along. Not new material yet so refreshing and full of energy. I've possibly already overplayed this one.

Radiohead: The King of Limbs. Familiar but different. Always epic.

tUne-yArDs: WHOKILL. Loved Gangsta when it came out and the full release help up to that standard. A very welcome departure from everything else out there.

Tinariwen: Tassilli. makes sense that people leaving in the desert would come up with such simple yet rich sounds.

Beirut: Rip Tide. No big departures which is good. I love everything they do.

The Kills: Blood Pressures. As this came out earlier in the year I had forgotten how great it was. Several re-listens have me back on board in a big way.

The Drums: Portamento. 2 yr running on my top list. I think it is OK to like happy music with quirky lyrics.

Ryan Adams: Ashes & Fire. There were several alt country artists catching me this year but this was the best.

The Antlers: Burst Apart. So much good music to boast to this year.

Could've been on the list: Wild Flag, M83, Lykki Ki, head and the heart, Shabazz Palaces, Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter,Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside......

Also, in the category of not new but new to me:
Joan as Police Woman: The deep field.

And with that, we here at the house of irb wish you all a pleasant afternoon regardless of the time you read this.


Blind Pilot * Bellingham 12/1/11

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Quantic * Opiuo * Bonobo * Seattle 9/29/11

Live from the most excellent Decibel Festival of electronic music in Seattle -- three of our favorite DJs on one bill: Quantic (up from his adopted home of Columbia), Opiuo (all the way from Australia) and Bonobo (dropping in from the UK). Video, for what its worth, by DJ Fundi....turn up the volume and you’ll get some pretty sweet sound tho! xo


WSP does "New Speedway Boogie"

Live from Targhee Resort high in the mountains of Alta, Wyoming -- a Jerry Garcia favorite:

“Spent a little time on the mountain,” indeed! Alta shows are being released today on HD video; details at

Here are two great reports from the Targhee WSMFP weekend from my buddy Jim on his JH Underground blog:

Here’s a mixdown of highlights from the Panic show, first night of the run:

More to come....

Update: here’s a mixdown of highlights and favorite jams from the 2nd night, 7/2/11: Sunday night highlights coming soon!

Widespread Panic at Grand Targhee, July 1-3, 2011


FundiBlog on Facebook

It’s awfully quiet here on the FundiBlog, and that’s because we’ve moved most of the action over to the Podcast Cafe’s Facebook page: Head on over, “like us” and receive all kinds of musical news updates, videos and music links, record reviews, polls, tidbits, insights, recipes and more!

Monsters of Bass * Seattle * Feb 19, 2011

Here’s a video from a recent DJ show I saw in Seattle featuring Freq Nasty, MartyParty and Opiuo, representing the vanguard of future bass music!


The Cave Singers

The Cave Singers released their 3rd album this week, No Witch, on Bon Iver’s independent Jagjaguar label. It follows in the footsteps of their previous releases, further honing their rootsy folk-Americana sound, but with more variety in their delivery (touches of a harmonium, viola, gospel singers, etc) and a deeper, richer sound coaxed out of the studio. All three of their albums form a cohesive vibe that alternates between sunny & optimistic and spooky & droning -- a vibe I better grasped after seeing them perform their songs live on stage in Bellingham, Washington last fall. I was most impressed by the amount of gravitas and a sense of restrained, almost throttled, power that seethed from the singer’s delivery. Their music gave the sense of something desperate or unbalanced lurking just beneath the simple surfaces of their songs.

Here is a video I shot and edited from their performance:

And here is a sampler mix of five songs from
No Witch to whet your appetite:


Spoon from La Blogotheque


Keeney's Favorites of 2010

Here's my list along with a playlist of selected tracks from this top 20:
(in reverse order)

1 Yeasayer Odd Blood
2 LCD Soundsystem This is Happening
3 Ok Go Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
4 Ray Lamontagne & the Pariah Dogs God Willin' & The Creek Wont Rise
5 Hot Chip One Life Stand
6 Vampire Weekend Contra
7 The Black Keys Brothers
8 Johnny Cash American VI: Ain't No Grave
9 Belle & Sebastian Belle & Sebastian Write about Love
10 Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown
11 Rogue Wave Permalight
12 Jimi Hendrix Valleys of Neptune
13 Eminem Recovery
14 Broken Bells Broken Bells
15 B.O.B. B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
16 The National High Violet
17 Band of Horses Infinite Arms
18 Spoon Transference
19 Arcade Fire The Suburbs
20 MGMT Congratulations

A couple thoughts....I've become more mainstream for sure....perhaps its due to KEXP not being clear at my home, perhaps its due my reliance on Rhapsody for my choice for tunes(whereby I lazily settle for latest/greatest or playlists I created ages ago) and perhaps I am just getting softer.
Regardless, YeaSayer/LCD were hands down the best of the year....I don't know what it is about Yeasayer but they are like some sorta mixed cocktail with a few pills thrown in, you have no idea on ingredients but it just works.  Ray/Vampire Weekend followed up with solid releases, not as good as prior, but solid with an S.  Same can be said for Kings of Leon, Black Keys, Belle & Sebastian, The National, Band of Horses, MGMT.....all producing good albums that way not be as strong as their previous releases but solid enough to hit this list.

Johnny Cash & Hendrix both jumped in as I found a re-found appreciation for their music and these albums in particular.   Not something I think of first to play, but good.
Saw both Eminem and B.o.B at VMAs this year and have to admit these two albums were my guilty pleasures of the year.   

internationally renowned boaster's favorites of 2010

As much as I was underwhelmed with 2009's new releases, 2010 has been crazy good, good enough for two strong years.  It's been fun and impossible to try to keep up with everything that is going on right now.  I'm loving the noise/post punk resurgence as well as the 80's throwback.   What is really exciting is that so many of the top albums are first releases.  Already looking forward to the follow up releases in 2011.  Maybe the only negative for me is the lack of world beats on my list.  It is probably more due to my exposure than actual music produced.   I trust the BWS will turn in many good nuggets here.

Anyway,  here is my master list, broken down by genre and  with the top ten in bold.  The list is so solid that in a different frame of mind I could easily pick ten others.

Old School DJ
Cut Chemist - The Audience's listening
dan le sac - the logic of chance
gorilaz -plastic beach

Folk or other music that I listen to when sad or drunk or wearing handmade leather shoes
Isobela Campbell and Mark Lanegan - hawk
Ray LaMontagne - God willing..
the tallest man on earth - the wild hunt
bob dylan -the bootleg series
frightened rabbit -winter of mixed drinks

With the masses
broken bells -
deerhunter -halcyon digest
arcade fire -suburbs
mgmt - congratulations
spoon -transference

titus andronicus - the monitor
The Dead Weather - sea of cowards

the black keys -brothers

post punk
surfer blood -astro coast
sleigh bells -treats
cloud nothings - turning on
The soft pack  - the soft pack

asmara all stars - eritrea's got soul

British glam or similar
magic bullets - magic bullets
the drums - the drums
caribou  - swim

girl talk -all day
Massive Attack - heligoland
lcd soundsystem - this is happening

gotan project -tango 3.0